Rats and Mice

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  • Did you know, a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a Biro? This is a true fact hard to believe but does help emphasis how difficult it can be to stop mice or rats entering your home or business.

Both mice and rats pose a serious health risk, especially in food preparation areas. Other than that, they can cause physical damage to your building, electric cabling and leave unsightly droppings within your home or business.

Rats and Mice are an all year round risk, they like our warm, dry homes with easy access to food and places in which to nest, therefore prevention is very difficult. The best method is to use bait boxes, located within the most likely areas, safe from pets or children. All our poisons are 1st generation, meaning that if your dog, for example, eats a rat killed by our poison, the poison would not be passed to your pet.

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