Contract work

Domestic Pest problems are important to us but many local businesses have taken the opportunity to take out an annual contract with Rapid Pest Control.

Do you Own or Work for a Business that has a serious pest problem?

  • Local Councils – Fleas or mice in tenants houses.
  • Housing Associations – Rats in communal bin areas.
  • Hotels, Cafes & Restaurants – Problems with Bedbugs, Cockroaches or Flies.
  • Farms and Small Holdings – Rats and Moles.
  • Holidays Parks – Fleas, mice , rats and seagulls.

Our customers range from clients with large stately homes to  commercial car showrooms that want to avoid Seagull droppings on their new cars! They all  receive the best service and our best prices.

Would you like  a price to help with your pest problem?  Ring Matt (07860 968390) or fill in the contact form attached.


Prevention is better than cure when it comes to pest control and this is exactly what we aim to do with our contractual work. For a price of between £360 and £1200 a year, depending on the size and risk of your premises, we will pay regular visits to your home or business to offer prevention advice and lay fresh poison and/or traps in discreet, safe places where needed. A one off annual payment can be agreed or an option of regular monthly payments. This would cover the property against any pest control for the duration of the contract with no extra costs.
Having pests can be a serious health risk and it is often reassuring to customers, staff and/or family to know that pest control is taking place within your home or business.

  • Seasonal contract work available and short term contracts for problems with seagulls during nesting seasons; flying ants and cluster flies. If you would like a consultation about regular  pest control for your home or business, please call us.